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Los Nawdy DawgsSong Recap

1. Lalo's Town - brief instrumental acoustic guitar, Idea came of playing a guitar outside on the sidewalk on a hot summer Tucson night back before the streets were paved. a simple time in life when you could sit on your porch and enjoy the Old Pueblo sunsets and nights.

2. Dead Mans Party - A song about the chaos in the world and events in Arizona but leave it behind and lets listen to some of Lalos music and join the party.

3. Barrio Boy - Tucson is composed of many barrios. You don't know what happens in the barrio. Very simple... Don't go messing with a Tucson barrio Boy.

4. El Tin Marin - ( we cover a classic Lalo G. song)

5. Los Chucos Suaves - Second Lalo G. song we cover, song was in the movie Zoot suit.

6. Ranfla / The Coop - Our friend Caron Cooper has a 64 Ford Falcon with a 289 cobra motor and on Saturday Nights she goes west on Speedway to downtown and then down 6th Ave. to the rodeo grounds makes a U turn and then back to downtown then north on 4th Ave. to the party district. Loves to cruise. Ranfla is a Chicano saying for a car or your coupe.

7. Gabriella  / Instrumental for Gabriella Gifford's - I was outside my house one night and I was thinking about the tragedy of the shootings and how nobody deserved what happened so I got the words in my head but made it an instrumental.

8. Tranza Town - About the border situation, bribes , crime , cops , elected officials a deal is called a Tranza, Nogales is Tranza town.


9. Guero Canelo Special - Its a famous hot dog stand here in Tucson where all the Gringos and Tree Huggers suck up to, but Myself and my friend Fonda didn't quite agree with the culinary delight of Sonora Hot Dogs. I got really sick on the special, Guero Canelo lost to Bks on the TV show Food Wars.

10. Guacamole Man - I was at Las Cazuelitas, and the waiter was to busy watching the baseball game on TV and he would not bring out the Guacamole for our chips, so a girl that was with us stood up and pointed at the lazy waiter and Guacamole Man! Now! and the Guacamole arrived!

11. El Vagabundo - This is a very old song, I heard a trio play it and I asked them where they got it, they said Los Panchos, Panchos got it from somebody else, I found out that the song is from the 1920's, the idea came to me for this song when I saw the Lalo Guerrero   documentary and Lalo said how he wasn't accepted in Tucson, he moved to Mexico and they called him a Pocho, so he came back to the states, Its a song about being on the road and it doesn't matter where your from or where you are going you just want to get back to your Love and see her lindo's ojos., a Dan Buckley youtube video.



12. El Yo Tamayo - The song is about a cat named JOE Tamayo a musician who grew up with the band , had his own band and who hung himself down in Nogales, anytime you told Joe anything he would tell you how he did it, example, Joe, I just bought the band some suits, Joe's response would be , Sabes que Yo fui al tailor y YO le compre a mis musicos 3 trajes! He had to always one up you and out do everybody, It was always YO this , YO that, Yo, Me,me me! so I gave him his song.

13. Wheres my Tamales - Lalo G had a song called Where's my Tortillas, so we want to know "Where's our Tamales".

14. Marijuana Boogie - (Covering a fun song). ts a Lalo G song about his girl who's name is Maria Juana.

15. Lalo's City - The album closes with an electric version of the first song with electric instruments, theory of the evolution Tucson  from a town to a city.